About Us

Here at Mister Panda we don’t just want to sell toys. We want to sell adventures. Our company was founded by two toy lovers who know all about that special bit of magic that makes each toy unique. We want to share that magic with you and all the toy lovers in your life.

We stock a range of fantastic, well known and well-loved toys. All your favourite characters are here at Mister Panda’s house. Sometimes we have tea parties.

We believe in quality. Nobody likes it when an adventure ends early and a toy falls apart. That makes Mister Panda very sad indeed. So we go out of our way to hunt down the best, high quality toys to ensure you and the special people in your life the special toys that they deserve.

Whether it’s time for Christmas presents, a spooky Halloween treat, that important birthday or just a little bit of something extra, we want to help you find the right kind of adventure. And with a great range of toys all in one place, you won’t even have to go looking elsewhere. With so many to choose from we’re almost too excited to eat our bamboo. Almost.

Most of all though we want to spread the fun. That’s not just toys for your little people, but making sure the experience is an enjoyable one for you too. So if there’s anything we can do to help, please get in touch. Mister Panda is mostly eating bamboo and waiting to make people happy.

There are so many ways to say hello. You can check out our Facebook to see what our other panda friends are saying, or take a look at our Pinterest or Instagram to see a perfect little picture of that perfect little toy. We’ve even got some panda videos over on YouTube . And if you’re the kind of guy who wants to see Mister Panda wearing a tie, well you can catch us on LinkedIn too.

So say hello, have some fun, and enjoy the lovely toys.